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Super Mario Maker 2 Created Levels Limit | How many can I upload?

We guess that you want to find out if there’s a limit on the amount of Super Mario Maker 2 created levels you can upload to the Nintendo Switch cloud. If you have been playing the game since its release on June 28, you might already know if there’s a Created Levels limit in place. For those who don’t, however, we’re here to help. Read our Super Mario Maker 2 created levels guide to get the lowdown on how many user creations you can upload.

Super Mario Maker 2 Created Levels Limit

Before we elaborate on the question of a Super Mario Maker 2 created level limit, let’s take a look back at its predecessor on Wii U.

Uploading Super Mario Maker levels on the last generation of Nintendo console was seamless for everyone. You didn’t have to fork out money for a subscription service, unlike the Switch Online one, and you can upload maps to your heart’s content.

This time around, however, things are different, including the Created Levels limit. To upload maps for other players to try and beat, you need a Nintendo Switch Online account. This is the only way to add your user creations to the game’s cloud servers, and see if people have what it takes to beat them.

If that wasn’t frustrating enough, there’s now a limit on how many levels you can upload. Nintendo has restricted players to just 32 level uploads in Super Mario Maker 2. As you can imagine, this hasn’t gone down well with the community. A Reddit thread is full of people complaining about this limit, especially when they pay for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo doesn’t want users to spam the cloud servers with an infinite amount of maps, so it makes sense to introduce restrictions in a way. However, you might be unhappy too that you have to pay for a subscription service and then get a limit on how many levels you can upload.

There’s always a chance that Nintendo could increase the limit down the line but, for now, you’re stuck with this 32-map limit.