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Overwatch JJoNak Zenyatta Skin | How to get new Zenyatta Legendary skin

Legendary Overwatch skins are known for pulling out all the stops and offering awesome in-game content. The character redesigns and flourish are desirable and cause many players (myself included) to keep their fingers tightly crossed when opening loot boxes. Blizzard made no exceptions with its most recent offering, the Overwatch JJonak Zenyatta custom skin!

Jjonak was the Overwatch League MVP and was awarded a custom skin for everyone’s favorite omnic monk and source of spiritual enlightenment, Zenyatta. Jjonak discussed his vision for the skin with Blizzard and mentioned how much he liked octopuses. Blizzard went to town designing a custom skin that cannot be found in loot boxes, nor is it event-based. However, there’s still one way the rest of us can get our hands on the Overwatch JJonak Zenyatta skin. Read on!

How to obtain the Overwatch JJonak Zenyatta skin


overwatch jjonak zenyatta

Though no amount of loot boxes will help you get this skin, it is still possible to claim one for yourself. From June 27 to July 14, you can get this skin through the Overwatch League using tokens. Once you’re in the Overwatch client, go to the Overwatch League menu. From there, you can purchase the legendary skin for 200 Overwatch League Tokens.

How to get Overwatch League Tokens

Not sure what Overwatch League Tokens are, or if you have enough for this sweet new skin? You can earn tokens by watching Overwatch League Broadcasts, with one hour of watch time earning three tokens. Alternatively, you can purchase tokens from the Overwatch client or through Blizzard’s website. If you need all 200 tokens for the skin, it’ll cost $9.99.

If you’d like to learn more about JJonak and the creation of the new legendary skin, check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the Blizzard HQ and the creative process for the new skin!