Box art - Civilization V: Gods and Kings

Civilization V: Gods and Kings New Civilizations in Gods & Kings


Leader: Maria Theresa

Derivation: Austria at the beginning of Maria Theresa’s reign

Diplomatic Marriage: Can spend Gold to annex or puppet an allied City-State.

Unique unit: Hussar

Unique building: Coffee House


Leader: Theodora

Derivation: Byzantine Empire of Justinian I and Theodora (ca 550)

Patriarchate of Constantinople: Choose one more Belief than normal when you found a Religion.

Unique unit #1: Cataphract

Unique unit #2: Dromon


Leader: Dido

Derivation: Carthage at the beginning of the second Punic War (218 BC)

Phoenician Heritage: All coastal Cities get a free Harbor. Units may cross mountains after the first Great

General is earned, taking 50 HP damage if they end a turn on a mountain.

Unique unit #1: African Forest Elephant

Unique unit #2: Quinquereme


Leader: Haile Selassie

Derivation: Ethiopia (1930 – 1974)

Spirit of Adwa: Combat bonus (+20%) when fighting units from a Civilization with more Cities than Ethiopia.

Unique unit: Mehal Sefari

Unique building: Stele


Leader: Gustavus Adolphus

Derivation: Sweden (1611- 1632 AD)

Nobel Prize: Gain 90 Influence with a Great Person gift to a City-State. When declaring friendship,

Sweden and their friend gain a +10% boost to Great Person generation.

Unique unit #1: Hakkapeliitta

Unique unit #2: Carolean

The Celts

Leader: Boudicca

Derivation: Roman Britain of Boudicca (46 - 61 AD)

Druidic Lore: +1 Faith per city with an adjacent unimproved Forest. Bonus increases to +2 Faith in Cities

with 3 or more adjacent unimproved Forest tiles.

Unique unit: Pictish Warrior

Unique building: Ceilidh Hall

The Huns

Leader: Attila

Derivation: Hunnic Empire of Attila (445 – 453 AD)

Scourge of God: Raze Cities at double speed. Borrow City names from other in-game Civs. Start with

Animal Husbandry technology. +1 Production per Pasture.

Unique unit #1: Horse Archer

Unique unit #2: Battering Ram

The Maya

Leader: Pacal

Derivation: Maya (615 – 683 AD)

The Long Count: After researching Theology, receive a bonus Great Person at the end of every Maya

Long Count calendar cycle (every 394 years). Each bonus person can only be chosen once.

Unique unit: Atlatist

Unique building: Pyramid

The Netherlands

Leader: William

Derivation: Netherlands (1544 – 1584 AD)

Dutch East India Company: Retains 50% of the Happiness benefits from a Luxury Resource if your last

copy of it is traded away.

Unique unit: Sea Beggar

Unique building: Bolder