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Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus | What is the giant robot end of Season 9 event?

A mysterious Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus event has been unearthed by dataminers… Yep, we have no idea either! Apparently, there’s to be a big showdown at the end of Season 9 that will see the battle royale’s monster and a giant dog robot duke it out for supremacy. To find out more about this end of Season 9 event, including exactly what Doggus is and how it was discovered, and more, you will want to read our Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus guide.

When is the Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus End of Season 9 Event?

Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus

New information has come to light about the Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus fight, so let’s dive into when its launch date is and what we can expect to happen.

Countdown Timer

Doggus, if that’s what the robot actually is, has been under construction at Pressure Plant for a number of weeks now. With its construction nearly complete, a countdown timer has appeared in Fortnite that alludes to the impending battle.

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The timer first popped up on Saturday, July 13. Upon its arrival, players saw that there are seven days until some sort of event kicks off. Given that the robot, and the monster under the ice, have been teased throughout Season 9, it’s only logical to put two and two together and get, well, four.

This means that the rumored fight between Doggus and Cattus will occur on Saturday, July 20. This ties in nicely to the end of Season 9, which we predicted would occur the following week on Thursday, July 25.

What we expect to happen

We know that Cattus is the name given to the monster at Polar Peak by players. We also know that Doggus is currently being constructed as we mentioned above and, judging by its size at Pressure Plant, it will rival Cattus in size and weight.

With Season 9 set to end around July 25, it seems logical that a showdown between the duo will be the final act of the current season. There’s no telling how involved players will be in the event, but it would be strange for Epic Games to not let us participate. After all, watching on from the sidelines as two heavyweights duke it out wouldn’t be very fun.

It could be that players are assigned to a side during a special LTM. If we are, we could fight for Doggus or Cattus and have to fuel them in some way to give them the best chance of winning the fight. For Doggus, that would mean getting it fuel. For Cattus, that would mean getting it food.

Whatever happens on July 20, their battle could decide the fate of the map. If that’s the case, you should expect plenty of changes to have occurred in the aftermath of their fight. That would lead us nicely into Season 10 with a plethora of new locations to explore and potentially a robot or monster mess to clean up. That clean up could form part of the Season 10 Week 1 challenges as well, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus | Leaked robot foot

Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus

Rumors surrounding a Fortnite Doggus vs Cattus duel have been ongoing for weeks now, and talk about the origins of Doggus itself have only increased throughout Season 9’s duration.

According to leaker FortTory, a file found by dataminers has uncovered a robot foot within the game’s code. The pack revealed the name “Doggus” within its filename, hence the reason why players have resorted to calling this robot by this catchy name.

The only thing we had to go on at the time was the robot foot too. Since then, reports that stated that a robot is currently being built at Pressure Plant on the map were proven to be true. The robot is only missing one of its arms and its head now. With five days to go until the countdown timer ends, those will certainly be in place before the battle.