Bully 2 rumor details alleged cancelled build of the game

Every now and then, a new Bully 2 rumor pops up, giving fans hope of a sequel to the original Bully However, a new leak claims that a build of Bully 2 was allegedly cancelled some time ago at Rockstar.

YouTuber SWEGTA revealed the leak in a recent video. They cited information given to them by Reddit user fika122. The latter claims that they contacted a former Rockstar developer who worked on a build of Bully 2 that was in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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The developer stated that they worked at Rockstar on Bully 2 from 2008 to 2009, before being laid off once the project was cancelled. Fika122 then provided this anonymous with some alleged leaked screen shots of Bully 2 from another source, and the developer said that he thought they were “all legit.”

In addition to this, the developer also talked about some new features that were supposed to be implemented in Bully 2. The game would have featured main character Jimmy Hopkin’s spending the summer at his stepdad’s vacation house. Jimmy’s new step-siblings would have been the game’s new antagonists.

Bully 2 was set to have a climbing system. This would have allowed Jimmy to explore more of the nearby town and summer camp. Other additions included new pranks, a running dive move, and the ability to shimmy around trees.

Of course, the person leaking this could have simply made all of this up. However, the screenshots and other bits of evidence do seem to corroborate each other and make a convincing argument. More and more rumors about a Bully sequel have been coming out as of late. The more recent ones seem to detail a rather different game what the leak shows, with it supposedly focusing on Jimmy Hopkin’s college life. But there have been false Bully 2 rumors in the past in addition to Rockstar stating it wanted to do a sequel.