Rune Raiders iPhone Cheats


Complete these tasks to unlock achievements and earn points.

Cheat Death (80 points) - Survive the grim reapers without a single death

Dark Master (100 points) - Stope this guy from controlling everything

Defeat the Witch (100 points) - Defeat the evil Witch and her heinous potions

Double Shot (40 points) - Destroy two enemies in a single shot from a single hero

Double Time (10 points) - Destroy two enemy tiles in a single turn

Face the Minotaur (20 points) - Survive a raging Minotaur charge

Get Rich (50 points) - Amass $10,000 or more

Healing Potion (5 points) - Use a potion to heal a character

Max Perks (50 points) - Use every available perk a character has

Ninja Strike (20 points) - Destroy an enemy with the Ninja

Power of Healing (10 points) - Use your healer to restore full health to a team member

Quadruple Time (30 points) - Destroy four enemies in a single turn

Rock Smasher (30 points) - Destroy any rock tile by shooting it 20 times, or with a Bear

Triple Shot (40 points) - Destroy three enemies in a single shot from one of your characters

Triple Time (15 points) - Destroy three enemies in one turn

Westward King (100 points) - Defeat the newly-evil Westward King

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