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Teamfight Tactics Android and iOS | Is TFT available on mobile?

Teamfight Tactics is Riot Games’ take on auto-chess, and it blooming in popularity since its recent launch into beta. With engaging turn-based gameplay, TFT on Android or iOS seems like a great fit. But, can you play Teamfight Tactics on mobile? Read below to find out.

Is Teamfight Tactics on Android or iOS?

Teamfight Tactics Mobile Android iOS

As of right now, Teamfight Tactics isn’t available on Android or iOS. Like the game that spawned it, League of Legends, it’s only available on PC right now. It play it, you have to have access to the League of Legends launcher, which can only be installed on Windows and macOS. Even on those platforms, the game is still in beta and has a way to go before its feature complete.

If you wanted to play TFT on iOS or Android, you’re out of luck for now. There’s no projected launch date for the game on mobile, and Riot Games hasn’t commented on even vague plans to port the game to smartphones.

Will TFT release on mobile?

While Riot Games hasn’t shown any interest in making an iOS or Android version of Teamfight Tactics, there’s at least some hope. Unlike League of Legends, the gameplay in Teamfight Tactics is confined to a small location. This means it’d be a lot more feasible to bring TFT to mobile than League of Legends.

On the flipside, Riot Games has never made a game for any platform other than PC and macOS. In fact, Teamfight Tactics is only the studio’s second game, and given how attached it is to League of Legends, you can’t even really call it a separate title. Given the fact that you have to use the League of Legends launcher to access Teamfight Tactics, it seems like at least for the immediate future the two games are intertwined. With Riot not expressing any interest in porting League of Legends to console or mobile, we probably won’t see TFT outside of PCs in the immediate future.