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Fortbyte 75 Location | Found within an airport hangar

The Fortnite Fortbyte event is coming to a close in the next couple of weeks as Season 9 is set to wrap up this month. However, there are still a handful of Fortbytes that need to be found. One of these remaining items comes in the form of Fortbyte 75 which is found within an airport hangar. We have put together a guide that will take you exactly to the Fortbyte 75 location. So, grab your passport and let get ready to fly!

Fortbyte 75 Location | Where is the airport hangar in Fortnite?

As the clue states, Fortbyte 75 can be found in an airport hangar. Unless you happen to know where the hangar is located, you’ll probably be left scratching your head. After all, it’s not every day you go to the airport!

If that’s you, then you can rest easy. Below, you’ll find a map with the exact location of the airport hangar in Fortnite. Today’s Fortbyte is going to take us to the snowy region of the map, specifically to Frosty Flights. So grab your winter coat and hop on the Battle Bus!

Fortbyte 75 Location

As you can see on the map, you’ll need to head to the leftmost hangar if you want to find the location of Fortbyte 75. If you’re having trouble finding it, just look for the solar panels that are in front of the hangar. They are pretty hard to miss.

Fortbyte 75 Location

As you go inside of the hangar, you’ll see Fortbyte 75 sitting in a corner waiting to be picked up. There are no tricks or gimmicks here, simply search the hidden item and add it to your collection. This will put you one step closer to completing your collection of 100 Fortbytes!

Fortbyte 75 Location

If you haven’t found the rest of the Fortbytes, you’ll want to check out our archives that are filled with tons of great guides to help you find all of the Fortbytes in Fortnite.