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Destiny 2 Excavation Site 2 Chest Location | System Positioning Device Guide

The Destiny 2 Excavation Site 2 location may be visited by some players this week as part of the Lumina Quest. Players begin the quest by getting their hands on a System Positioning Device which will tell them to go to a certain location. This location is randomized every hour, and a subset of players who have been told to go to Excavation Site 2 on Io are having difficulty finding the chest that they are looking for.

You might think that Excavation Site 2 is inaccessible with the exception of a certain mission called “Fury” in the Red War. That’s technically true, but you can still go a little bit into this particular location. Your first step will be heading towards Giant’s Scar, and then from there, it will be a bit of a challenge to track down the thing you are looking for.

Destiny 2 Excavation Site 2 Chest Location | The Map to the Chest

destiny 2 io excavation site map

Our Destiny 2 Excavation Site 2 guide starts by making your way to the Lost Oasis on Io. You’ll then have to head southeast into the canyon towards Giant’s Scar. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to enter the tunnels that lead to Excavation Site 2.

Although you’re not on a big mission related to this location, there are still enemies in the area. You should expect to fight Taken Centurions and Taken Knights in this area alongside some weaker enemies. Work your way through the facility and head up the ramp. Make sure to kill plenty (if not all) of the enemies as you go along — you’re heading into a dead end and you don’t want to be caught with your back against the wall!

Once you make it to the rearmost room, you’ll have to fight a handful of Taken Centurions and Taken Knights. After you’ve cleared the room, you’ll find the needed lockbox towards the back by the massive glass window. Open up the chest and you can now move on with completing the quest!