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Destiny 2 Sinking Docks Chest Location | System Positioning Device Guide

This week’s Lumina quest has players trying to track down some hard-to-find chests, and our Destiny 2 Sinking Docks guide will help you find it! The System Positioning Device will be sending to you a random location in the wide world of Destiny 2 and one of those locations is the Sinking Docks on Titan. Unfortunately, this particular chest is in a somewhat tricky location!

Your first step will be to make your way to Titan, of course. From there, you’re going to want to head to Siren’s Watch and head west through the tunnels towards your goal. This will be a somewhat easier fight than some of the other locations, but you still have to be careful — there are going to be more than a few enemies in your way!

Destiny 2 Sinking Docks Chest Location | The Map to the Chest

Destiny 2 Sinking Docks

Once you’ve touched down on Siren’s Watch, you’ll need to head to the southwest corner towards an open door with some white boxes in it. Run past the boxes and continue along the catwalk. Jump over the broken portion and make a right at the end, but beware the Acolytes and other enemies in the area! Keep running straight ahead until you’re back outside. You’ll then drop down to the area underneath Siren’s Watch.

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Continue to progress towards your goal. Take care to eliminate the Acolytes and their ranged support before things get too tough; this is a wide-open area and it’s very easy to get shot to pieces! Head towards the bottom middle of the underside of Siren’s Watch (as seen on our map above) and you’ll find the Destiny 2 Sinking Docks chest placed on the ground next to a railing. From there, it’s just a matter of grabbing your loot and moving on with the quest!

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