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Fortnite Utopia Skin | What does the Singularity skin look like?

The brand-new Fortnite Utopia skin has been leaked and we’ve got some images of it for you to peruse over. Thanks to a bug that allows players to unlock the skin early, we can give you a before-the-developers-ever-intended answer to “What does the Singularity skin look like?” We’ll go through what the base skin looks like, as well as what it looks like when it has been upgraded. If you’re after how to unlock the Fortnite Utopia skin, too, we’ll go through all of that as well. This is your one-stop-shop for everything the Utopia skin in Fortnite.

What does the Fortnite Singularity skin look like?


The Fortnite Singularity skin is locked behind a Season 9 Utopia challenge. More on how to unlock it below, however. For now, we’re going to simply focus on how the Singularity skin looks. Thanks to Redditor DanS808, we know exactly what both the base Singularity skin and its upgraded form looks like.

According to DanS808, his set of Utopia challenges “bugged out and auto completed themselves,” allowing him to unlock the Singularity skin before anyone else was able to. Thanks to this bug, we now know what the Singularity skin looks like. Above, you can see an image of the standard Singularity skin. As you can see, the stylish green, dark blue, and pink outfit looks akin to that of a superhero or perhaps a kind of futuristic soldier (check out the Master Chief inspired kneepads).

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After you collect the upgrade for the Singularity skin in Pressure Plant, however, you will be able to choose between two different colors. You’ll be able to choose between what you see above and this dashing pink number you can see below. All images here are courtesy of DanS808.

In order to unlock the Fortnite Utopia skin, you will need to find and collect 90 Fortbytes. We’ve been updating daily on Fortbyte locations here on GameRevolution, so stick with us and you’ll unlock the Singularity outfit in no time.

[Images via Reddit user DanS808]