Stranger Things 3 Game Unlock New Characters Guide

Hawkins is in trouble again, and it’s up to you as the Stranger Things 3 Game characters to save the day once more. If you aren’t sure about how to unlock every character in the Netflix tie-in title, we have got you covered. Find out where to find each character and what to do to add them to your roster by reading our Stranger Things 3 Game unlock new characters guide. The Upside Down will take hold without them to help you, so hop to it!

Stranger Things 3 Game Unlock New Characters | How many are there?

Stranger Things 3 Game Unlock New Characters

There are 12 Stranger Things 3 Game characters for you to play as. However, only two are available at the beginning of the game for you to take control of. That means that you will have to unlock the other 10 characters if you wish to control them.

Your favorite character from the show is more than likely hidden away, so you will need our help to find them. Read on to get the lowdown on where to find each character, and what you must do in order to add them to your party.

How to unlock new characters in Stranger Things 3 Game

Stranger Things 3 Game Unlock New Characters

Right, onto the Stranger Things 3 Game unlock new characters list. We have provided a detailed look at how to get each one and where you have to go to find them. Scroll down to find your favorite character in particular, or work through them all if you want to acquire everyone.


Mike is one of two characters who you can play as at the start of the game.


Like Mike, Lucas is a character who you can control from the game’s beginning. With the game’s feature that allows you to alternate between characters, you can switch between Mike and Lucas in the opening areas of the game.


Dustin will be unlocked at the end of the mission titled “Radar Love.” He will be added to your roster and has the knack of being able to hack terminals. Whenever you come across a terminal that you need to gain access to, simply use this whiz kid to do so.


To unlock Mike’s older sister, you have to complete the “Rat, Paper, Scissors” quest. You can pick up this mission in Mike’s basement after you complete “Radar Love.” Once “Rat, Paper, Scissors” is ticked off your list, Nancy will be available.


After Nancy is unlocked, you can complete another mission called “Coffee Run.” Simply check this quest off and Jonathan will be a playable character.


You can unlock Max by finding her in Mike’s basement. However, she will join the party after you clear out the farm. Once you have done this, you have to take the old lady to the hospital. You will be teleported back to Mike’s basement after your hospital trip. Speak to Max, and she will join you.


Eleven, or El, is only accessible after you unlock Max. Once she is part of your team, head to Hopper’s cabin. You will find Eleven inside. Simply speak to her and she will join you.


Once you have Eleven, and before you return to Hawkins Lab, you have a chance to speak to Joyce at her home. Do so and she will automatically join you along with her handy bolt cutters.


Another simple one to unlock. Joyce will ask you to speak to Hopper at his cabin. Return there, talk with him, and the Chief of Police will become the latest addition to your cause.


The final member of the original D&D gang is only accessible once you find every D&D Character Sheet. To begin this quest, you will have to head to Will’s basement in the Byers’ household after you clear out Hawkins Lab. Speak to Will and he will set you off on this mission.

Once you have found every Character Sheet, return to Will. He will see you have acquired them all and join your cause.


During the “Scoops Troop” mission, you must save Steve at the mission’s end. Doing so will make him automatically become a playable character.


The final person to unlock is Lucas’ sassy little sister. She joins you after you complete the “Scoops Troop” quest.

And that’s it. You should now have completely unlocked all Stranger Things 3 Game new characters.