Demon Slayer Episode 14 Release Date

We’re already over halfway through Demon Slayer thanks to Demon Slayer episode 14? We can’t believe it either. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. If you’re as keen as we are to watch the latest Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba episode, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this guide. We’ll tell you how to watch Demon Slayer episode 14 online, as well as letting you know the release dates and times in the US and UK. Anime can be tricky to follow, but we’re on a mission here at GameRevolution to make everything more straightforward for you.

When is the Demon Slayer episode 14 release date?

Demon Slayer episode 14

Ah, the weekend. Time to put your feet up, turn on the TV, and watch some new anime. Demon Slayer is good to us and seems to release every Saturday without fail. As far as we know, Demon Slayer episode 14 is no different. The Demon Slayer episode 14 release date is Saturday, July 6.

Demon Slayer is simulcast, too. This means that you should be able to watch it (unfortunate last-minute delays notwithstanding) at the following times. The Demon Slayer US release time should be 9 AM Pacific/Noon Eastern. You should expect the Demon Slayer UK release time to be 5 PM BST.

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To watch the latest Demon Slayer episode, you will need to head on over to Crunchyroll. Remember to check Crunchyroll at the times above (refresh the page if you don’t see episode 14 ) to watch episode 14 when it goes live. Be wary, though, that last-minute delays can take place with anime. Keep an eye on relevant social media channels in case of any such delay.

Demon Slayer episode 14 English dub release time

Demon Slayer episode 14

Aniplex, who own the licensing rights for Demon Slayer in the US, took to Twitter to confirm that Demon Slayer is heading to Toonami. Unfortunately, no official release date for the English dubbed version of Demon Slayer has been announced. Aniplex simply said “more details” will be coming soon. Hopefully the English dubbed version releases sooner rather than later.