Blue Protocol gameplay trailer debuts with fast-paced anime action

A new Blue Protocol gameplay trailer has debuted a week after this brand-new game from Bandai Namco was announced to the worldBlue Protocol aims to merge action role-playing game mechanics with a vibrant anime art style. From what we’ve seen in this new gameplay trailer, it certainly seems like they’ve managed to pull it off.

The first few moments of the Blue Protocol gameplay trailer give us some lovely establishing shots of a massive gameplay world that shows a melding of technology and magic. A handful of characters and NPCs are seen on the street and an archer-type character leaps off of a roof, hinting that the game is going to have more of a high-flying anime style of combat.

We then see a massive creature crash through the skylight of a building and a team of heroes engaging in battle. Melee characters enter the fray, swinging twin axes and leaping over the monster to attack it for massive damage. Caster types hang back, blasting it with powerful magical blasts. The Blue Protocol gameplay trailer then transitions to a few more scenes of random battles before it closes on a logo drop for the game with some truly epic music.

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A closed alpha test for the game will be taking place later in the month according to the game’s official website, although it is currently limited to players who live in Japan and have a Bandai Namco ID. A total of no more than 5,000 testers will be allowed in to try out Blue Protocol for the first time ever.

We don’t yet have a release date for Blue Protocol , but the game’s official Japanese Twitter account notes that it will be launching on the PC. You can watch the Blue Protocol gameplay trailer for yourself below. Hopefully, the game will be making its way to the West!