Blue Protocol is a new Bandai Namco game, an RPG inspired by anime

A new Bandai Namco game has been announced. Titled Blue Protocol, it will blend together action role-playing game mechanics with a brilliant anime-inspired art style into a brand-new IP. This won’t be a single-player game, either, as Bandai Namco Entertainment is looking to create an experience that can be played online with your friends.

A Japanese press release (which we machine translated) states that Bandai Namco Studios and Bandai Namco Online have done a little fusion dance and created Project Sky Blue, a team that has been specifically tasked with making Blue Protocol. This new original game is being created in Unreal Engine 4.

The fine folks at Bandai Namco Entertainment have also shared a single screenshot of the game (seen above as our header image). The picture appears to show a “Magitech” sort of aesthetic, with the characters’ weapons appearing to contain some sort of technology and glowing lights. The leftmost character has a pair of axes on his back, the central character has a bow, and the rightmost character appears to have some sort of staff. A mountain in the distance seems to be pulled into the sky and breaking apart, held aloft by some kind of supernatural force. There are also some purple glowing lights on the side of a nearby mountain, further suggesting a blend of technology and nature.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information that Bandai Namco Entertainment has seen fit to release so far. No platforms or price have been announced just yet. We can look forward to hearing more details about their brand new action role-playing game in the coming months. Judging by the state of the screenshot, I think it’s safe to say that they’ve already managed to build what is sure to be a very interesting game world. When we’ll be able to get our hands on it (and whether or not this game will make its way to the West) is something we’ll have to wait to find out.