Bandai Namco to focus on Games-as-a-Service in the future

Bandai Namco will focus on Games-as-a-Service or live service games in the future, the company has revealed. This is after the publisher revealed its new vice president of marketing, announcing that it is also looking to drive growth in its digital marketing and CRM business initiatives in the US.

Bandai revealed that Ross Borden will take over as its vice president of marketing, with him having held previous roles as Namco, NCSoft, and Robot Entertainment. Borden has over two decades of marketing experience in the industry, and he will play a “pivotal role” in driving further success for the company, which includes increasing revenue in its Games-as-a-Service titles.

Bandai’s focus on GaaS is likely the result of its new mobile division, which the company opened back in August 2019. Its online JRPG Blue Protocol could also include some GaaS elements, though a western release is unconfirmed.

Borden released a statement after the announcement of his role:

“Today, video games offer more entertainment options, through more platforms, for a wider range of players, than ever before in its history and Bandai Namco Entertainment is poised to offer some of the most unique and compelling content to players around the globe. Bandai Namco Entertainment’s exciting product line-up, which encompasses a wide range of popular genres and IPs, offers countless opportunities to delight our customers. I look forward to opening new avenues of growth for Bandai Namco Entertainment’s business in the Americas.”