New Elden Ring gameplay trailer reportedly leaked online

A new Elden Ring gameplay trailer has reportedly leaked online. The debut game footage apparently carries a “Bandai Namco confidential” label and is circulating amongst internet chat groups. It allegedly showcases a significant portion of gameplay, including familiar combat mechanics and all-new horseback traversal.

Does the leaked Elden Ring gameplay trailer mean an official reveal is incoming?

Elden Ring gameplay trailer

VGC claims to have seen the leaked Elden Ring footage, though opted not to share the off-screen video “for legal reasons.” The outlet does relay what allegedly happens, however, with Soulslike combat showcased versus large-scale enemies like a fire-breathing dragon. Apparently, there’s also the first look at horseback combat in a wide-open environment.

The Elden Ring gameplay leak doesn’t necessarily indicate that an official unveiling will take place anytime soon. Andy Robinson, who broke the news of the leak, clarified that development has been “significantly disrupted” by the global pandemic. With that in mind, sources indicate that the anticipated action RPG might not hit its intended launch window this year.

Delaying to a 2022 Elden Ring release date could indicate that FromSoftware is still in no rush to share new details — in an official capacity, anyway. Fans have been clamoring for new information, all while bemoaning the game’s absence from several industry events. Despite the clear appetite from the gaming community, for the most part, all has remained quiet on the Elden Ring front since E3 2019.

Rumors recently started swirling with regards to a possible Microsoft even taking place in March, with Elden Ring pegged to be the crown jewel. Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg quickly shot down that speculation, however, simply stating that “this is not happening.”

Failing a bluff on Greenberg’s part (which seems unlikely), expectant fans may still have a long wait on their hands.

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