The Secret World Dungeons

The Secret World features 8 instances at launch which range in difficulty and location. Below you can

find an entry for each along with which zone it can be found in and what gear level is recommended

before entering.h

Dungeon: The Polaris

Location: Kingsmouth

Gear Level: QL 2

Dungeon: Hell Raised (Inferno)

Location: The Savage Coast

Gear Level: QL 4

Dungeon: The Darkness War

Location: Blue Mountain

Gear Level: QL 5

Dungeon: The Ankh

Location: The Scorched Desert

Gear Level: QL 7

Dungeon: Hell Fallen

Location: City of the Sun God

Gear Level: QL 8

Dungeon: The Facility

Location: The Beseiged Farmlands

Gear Level: QL 10

Dungeon: Hell Eternal

Location: The Shadowy Forest

Gear Level: QL 10

Dungeon: The Slaughterhouse

Location: The Carpathian Fangs

Gear Level: QL 10