Box art - Super Mario Maker 2

Is there a Super Mario Maker 2 3DS version?

Super Mario Maker 2 is out now for Nintendo Switch, and players are busy digging into the game, making their own levels and getting frustrated trying to complete everyone else’s. It seems an even more popular game than the first Super Mario Maker, which appeared on Wii U and 3DS. There’s not going to be a Wii U version of the sequel, but what about a Super Mario Maker 2 3DS release? Is that happening? Let’s take a look.

Is there a Super Mario Maker 2 3DS version?

At the moment there is no version of Super Mario Maker 2 available for Nintendo 3DS, as the game is currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch. However, the 3DS version of the original Super Mario Maker was only announced after the game was first released on Wii U, could something similar happen with Super Mario Maker 2?

Is Super Mario Maker 2 ever coming to 3DS?

While the original Super Mario Maker did come to the portable 3DS a year after debuting on the Wii U, it was a quite stripped down version that was missing many features, such as being able to share and download levels online. While it’s not unconceivable that Nintendo would do something like that again, as the Nintendo Switch is already a portable system, there is little benefit to them making another cut-back 3DS port. It’s possible then, but highly unlikely to happen.

How can I play a Super Mario Maker game on 3DS?

If you want to make 2D Mario levels on your 3DS, fortunately there is already a way to do so, as the original Super Mario Maker is available on 3DS. That is currently the only way to do so, and while it doesn’t have as many options as the sequel on Switch (or the Wii U version) it’s still a popular game. If you’re desperate to play Super Mario Maker 2 however, you’ll have to pick it up on the Switch.