Box art - Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusive Pokemon

Like all main-line Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield feature version-exclusive Pokemon that can only be found in one of the two games. Although more Pokemon Sword and Shield exclusive Pokemon are sure to come, we now know of a few version-exclusive Pokemon and gyms. We’ll update this Pokemon Sword and Shield version exclusives guide with more version differences as they are revealed.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusives | Version-Specific Pokemon

With the reveal of Gigantamaxing, we got a look at the first version-exclusive Pokemon coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield. As in other Pokemon games, most version-exclusive Pokemon come from past Pokemon generations, and these Pokemon are no exception. We’ll likely get a look at brand new Pokemon that are version-exclusive later (like Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s version-exclusive Alolan Ninetales and Alolan Sandlash). Here are all the version-exclusives we know so far:

Pokemon Sword Exclusive Pokemon

  • Deino
  • Jangmo-o

Pokemon Shield Exclusive Pokemon

  • Larvitar
  • Goomy

We also know that each game’s so-called “box legendaries” (legendary Pokemon that appear on the games’ box art) will be version-exclusive. It’s possible that legendaries other than these two wolves will be version-exclusive, as well, as certain Pokemon were in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon‘s Ultra Wormholes. For now, these are all the version-exclusive legendaries we know of:

Pokemon Sword Exclusive Legendary Pokemon

  • Zacian

Pokemon Shield Exclusive Legendary Pokemon

  • Zamazenta

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusives | Exclusive gyms and other Differences

In addition to version-exclusive Pokemon, Pokemon games often include other version differences, like game-specific characters and towns. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, we know of at least one big difference between the two: version-exclusive gyms. The inclusion of different gym leaders at specific points in the game can have a big effect on ideal team composition and strategy. We know of two exclusive gym leaders right now, but the language on the games’ website seems to suggest more could be coming.

Pokemon Sword Exclusive Gyms

  • Bea (Fighting-type)

Pokemon Shield Exclusive Gyms

  • Allister (Ghost-type)

Pokemon Sword and Shield release on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. Check back here for more Pokemon Sword and Shield version exclusives as they are revealed. To learn more about the game, check out our pre-order guide to learn about the games’ pre-order bonuses and read our full E3 2019 hands-on preview.