Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamaxing and version-exclusive gyms detailed

Despite all that’s been revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield so far, Nintendo is still showing off new features for the upcoming games. In fact, the latest trailer showcases the new Gigantamax transformation as well as version-exclusive gyms, which you can learn more about here.

Like the previously revealed Dynamax, Gigantamax increases the size of the selected Pokemon. Unlike the former, which simply boosts the Pokemons’ stats, Gigantamaxing also changes their appearance. More importantly, it gives the Pokemon access to a special move called a G-Max. Every Pokemon looks to have a unique G-Max, encouraging players to try and Gigantamax them all.

Aside from Gigantamaxing, the trailer also goes over the gym leaders players will face. While doing this, it reveals a new features that are being added to the games: Version-exclusive gyms and gym leaders. When going to certain towns, players may encounter a gym and a gym leader that isn’t in the other version. Pokemon Sword players will get to battle with fighting Pokemon expert Bea, while those who pick Pokemon Shield will face off against the ghost ghost-type master Allister instead.

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This addition of exclusive gym leaders should help make Pokemon Sword and Shield’s two versions feel more unique compared to previous games. Of course, with exclusive gyms and gym leaders, does that mean that will players have to trade or play each other online for their badges as well? The trailer doesn’t say, though this sounds like a great idea to encourage more player interaction.

Last, but not least, the trailer also showed off a bunch off new Pokemon. Alcremie looks like some kind of dessert (indeed, its Gigantamax transforms it into a giant cake). Yamper is basically a corgi—something some fans were expecting given the games’ British-inspired setting. The coal-like Rolycoly is able to speed up when hit by fire or water-type moves. Last, but not least, the the boxy dragon Duraldon covers itself in skin made of steel.