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Fortbyte 34 Location | Found between a fork and knife

With the end of Fortnite Season 9 just around the corner, there are only a few more Fortbytes to round up. One of those is Fortbyte 34, and it can be found between a fork and a knife. The utensil clue might lead you to believe that the Fortbyte 34 location is in a restaurant, and while there have been a few at culinary businesses, this one isn’t going to be in a restaurant at all! Let’s take a quick look at at the Fortbyte 34 location and see where players can find the hidden item.

Fortbyte 34 Location | Where to find Fortbye 34 in Fortnite

A lot of the Fortbytes have required some different skins, emotes, or dances to unlock. However, this is not the case for Fortbyte 34, which means it is going to be really easy to find. This is a huge relief to those who have not made it very far into the Season 9 Battle Pass because some of the recent Fortbytes have required players to make it upwards of Tier 80.

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So, where exactly is the fork and knife location on the Fortnite map? You aren’t actually going to be looking for a giant fork and knife, but instead, you’re looking for an underground location. If you head over towards Fatal Fields, you should see a fork and knife outline in the grass, which leads underground. You can see the exact fork and knife location on the map below.

Fortbyte 34 Location

As you land, you should see the utensils begin to take shape. You’re going to want to head to the handle portion of the knife. As you head underground towards the handle, you should see a small wooden wall next to a campfire. Bust down the wall and you will find Fortbyte 34 sitting there waiting for you to pick it up!

Fortbyte 34 Location

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