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Pokemon Go Global Challenge Bonus and Entei Raid Day

After a recent Pokemon Go Fest that took place a few days ago in Germany, developer Niantic has decided to reward players for completing some Global Challenges during the event. These Global Challenges were a set of challenges that players from all around the world could complete in order to earn an in-game bonus. Thankfully, enough were completed to earn a Pokemon Go Global Challenge Bonus, which will be going live into the game soon. In addition to all this, the highly sought-after Entei Pokemon is heading to the game for a limited time. Keep reading to find out how to catch Entei in Pokemon Go and earn the Global Challenge Bonuses.

Pokemon Go Global Challenge Bonus | What are the Global Challenge Bonuses?

Because players completed enough of the challenges at the event in Germany, every Pokemon Go player is going to be rewarded. Starting today, all Pokemon Go players will receive the following Global Challenge bonuses:

  • Triple XP for catching and hatching Pokemon
  • Double XP from Raids
  • Lucky Eggs will last double the normal amount of time (One hour instead of 30 minutes)

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All of these bonuses will be applicable in the game until July 16 at 1 PM PT/9 PM BST.

Pokemon Go Entei Raid Day | When does the Entei Raid start?

In addition to all of these in-game bonuses, a highly sought after Pokemon will also be available as part of a special raid. First appearing in Pokemon Gold and Silver, Entei is a legendary dog that will be available as part of the upcoming Raid Battles. Starting on July 14, players will be able to able to battle Entei in a five-star raid from 4-7 PM local time.

Players will also be given five free Raid Passes so that everyone can participate in the raid. However, if you don’t complete it within the five free tries, you’ll have to purchase more passes. This is the only time that Entei will be available, so if you want to add the legendary Pokemon to your collection, now is the time!