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Dragon Quest Builders 2 New Clothes | Get outfits and change costumes

You won’t want to stay stuck in your default costume in Dragon Quest Builders 2 for long. There’s plenty of new outfits you can earn, and you’ll want to change your clothes for both the aesthetic and gameplay benefits of doing so. Here’s how you can get new clothes in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and where you need to go to change outfits.

How to get new clothes in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Change Costume

There are a couple of ways you can get new costumes in DQB2. When you start out, you’ll only have access to the default builder outfit. You’ll need to play through the first few hours of the game before you run into your next costume.

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The first outfit you’ll likely come across in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the Farming Gear. You’ll acquire the recipe for this clothing as soon as you hit level eight. Other armor and outfits can be found the same way, as a bonus for leveling up.

Other outfit recipes are rewarded for completing specific tasks. Some can be gained by giving the Hairy Hermit mini medals. Others are earned by defeating the huge monsters you can sometimes find while exploring.

How to change outfits in Dragon Quest Builders 2

To change your outfit in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you just have to find it in your inventory. When you find it, use the confirm button to select it, and you’ll have an option to equip it. This will let you wear the clothes you choose.

You can also equip clothing if you have it in your quick select bar. Just put the cursor on it, and there will be a prompt to quick equip the outfit. This is especially handy if you’ve just crafted a new outfit and want to put it on immediately.