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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Farm Gratitude fast | How to earn Gratitude quickly

Earning Gratitude in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is one of your primary objectives throughout the game. Gratitude serves as the game’s currency, and lets you progress through the story and unlock recipes. Often during the story, you’ll be asked to ring the builder bell and level up a base, but you’ll be lacking the Gratitude to do so. Here’s how to farm Gratitude in Dragon Quest Builders 2 fast, so you can upgrade bases and unlock recipes without issue.

How to earn Gratitude in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Earn Gratitude

If you’ve noticed the citizens of DQB2 clapping and shooting out little hearts a lot, you’ve likely already earned some Gratitude. Gratitude is represented by hearts, which you can pick up and add to your tally. Each island has its own “bank” of Gratitude, so this total doesn’t carry over from island to island.

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You’ll notice some hearts are larger than others. The rule of thumb is the bigger the heart, the more Gratitude you’ll earn when you collect it.

How to farm Gratitude fast in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Farming Gratitude isn’t so much needed on the three-story islands. You won’t actually be spending any of it while working through the plot in Furrowfield, Kharumbul-Dun or Moonbrooke. During your time on these islands, you’ll just be collecting as much Gratitude as you can to ring the Builder’s Bell and level up your base. This happens pretty naturally during the course of the game, and as long as you complete each mission that the citizens of a particular island have to offer, you should have more than enough Gratitude to make it through the story without grinding.

On the Isle of Awakening, on the other hand, you’ll need Gratitude to spend on recipes at your worktable and unlocking new explorer islands. This means you’ll always be running low on Gratitude, especially during the start. If you want to unlock all the game has to offer, you need to find a way to farm Gratitude quickly in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

There’s no glitch or big secret to farming Gratitude in DQB2. Instead, it would be best if you concentrated on generating a steady supply. Citizens will drop Gratitude more often when their needs are taken care of. This means you need to equip each of the three areas on the Isle of Awakening with the best toilets, showers, dining facilities, bedrooms, kitchens, and other rooms you can muster. Each time a citizen uses one of these rooms, they’ll usually drop some Gratitude. The fancier the room and the more it is to their liking, the better.

Each citizen has their own preferences when it comes to what they’re looking for in a room. This means you need to study their needs carefully and make sure to provide rooms that match the ambiance of their preference. You can do this by filling the room with items that match the ambiance you’re going for. When you view an item in the workbench, you’ll notice which of the ambiance categories it falls under. If you don’t see this yet, just play through the story some more, and this trait will unlock.

You’ll also want to make sure to keep the dining rooms and kitchens well-stocked with food. This allows the citizens who love to cook to do so, which generates Gratitude, and it’ll let people eat, which also will payout for you.

Once you have the Isle of Awakening set up correctly, you can just whiz into one of the three regions and mop up Gratitude like a sponge. Ideally, once you’ve put some work in, you’ll collect several hundred Gratitude each time you visit. This should give you more than enough to unlock every explorer island and recipe in the game without having to worry about grinding at all.