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Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working Fix for 2019

It seems that a Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working fix is in order once again. You might have come across this error during your ARG travels, especially if you have been playing the game in 2019. Players on iOS and Android have made mention that there is a bug with it, so we are here to help. Have a read of our Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working fix guide to get the scoop. Or you will be syncing without a trace. Pun totally intended.

Is there a Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working fix?

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working Fix

Let’s find out what the problem is before we dive into our Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working fix. Adventure Sync is Niantic’s own feature, that works in conjunction with the Apple Health and Google Fit apps, to help you track your steps.

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As we all know, steps are important in Pokemon Go. They help you hatch eggs while you’re out looking for new Pokemon to catch, earn Buddy candy for your Buddy Pokemon, and pick up other rewards for being active. This feature was brought out last October and has been free of problems until recently.

Players have been taking to the game’s Reddit page to complain that Adventure Sync is faulty. There have been plenty of threads popping up with people stating that their steps aren’t being tracked accurately. As a result, they aren’t getting their rewards or seeing their eggs hatch as the game doesn’t think they’ve walked any kilometers.

The issue has gained more traction since the game’s latest update and the discontinuation of support for Apple Watch users. With Apple Watch no longer supported, there’s no other way for players to track their steps and overcome this issue.

In terms of a definitive fix for this problem, there isn’t yet much players can do outside of trying to connect the compatible device again. Niantic has been very quiet on the subject of Adventure Sync issues, with the developer instead focusing on the changes to Trainer Battles over the past week, and it isn’t helping to quell fan frustration.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before Niantic patches through a fix for this, though, otherwise you and others may decide to try out other games.