Box art - Agent Dash

Agent Dash iPhone Cheats


Earn Free Gems

You can earn free loot playing Agent Dash, so long as you do the following:

  • Like Agent Dash on Facebook: 500 Gems
  • Follow Full Fat Productions on Twitter: 500 Gems
  • Sign up for mailing list: 500 Gems
  • Rate Agent Dash on the App Store: 500 Gems


Invest in high-value gems to get rich quicker!

Upgrade the Magnet to boost the gem values as well as attracting them.

Upgrade the jetpack to make it last longer!

Controls not sensitive enough? Tweak them in the options menu.

Use an Air Drop to parachute down to the base entrance.

Mind Your Surroundings, Plan One Step Ahead.

You Can Dash While In Mid-Air Or Sliding

Take extra care not to run into a hazard after using the jetpack.

Trying to collect all gems can be risky. Stay focused on the track! [Definitely worth repeating.]

Jump over gaps and holes to allow you more time to dodge them.

Try activating Slow-Mo when destroying the base for huge points.