PUBG Season 8 Release Date | Mobile Royale Pass 8 news and guide

With the PUBG Season 7 end date fast approaching, it’s only natural that players are wondering when the PUBG Season 8 release date will be. For PUBG Mobile players on iPhone (iOS) and Android that are anticipating new challenges and new rewards in the Royale Pass 8 and Elite Pass Plus, in addition to the new gameplay and mode changes that come with a new season, the wait can seem unbearable. Thankfully, it seems like PUBG Mobile Season 8 is fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know about the launch date.

When is the PUBG Season 8 release date?

PUBG Season 8 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 7 ends on July 14 which means, if the new season follows previous trends, the PUBG Season 8 release date will take place between July 15-17.

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At the time of writing, official confirmation hasn’t yet been given. However, with PUBG Mobile beta testers now previewing the Season 8 changes, it’s clear that the new season will soon launch.

PUBG Season 8 Changes and Rewards List

PUBG Season 8 release date

Those who have downloaded the PUBG Mobile beta can already enjoy some of the changes coming with the release of Season 8. According to leaked images posted to Reddit, the new season will be themed around the “power of the ocean.”

Leaked Royale Pass 8 and Elite Pass Plus details have also been shared on Reddit, giving a tease of what players will soon be able to earn:

Royale Pass 8 Rewards

  • 1 – Rare outfits
  • 2 – 600 UC
  • 3 – Bronze Armor
  • 4 – Shark’s Bite – DP28
  • 5 – Delta Squad Set
  • 6 – Swamp Horror – SLR
  • 7 – Shells on the Shore Set
  • 8 – Many other rewards

Season 8 Elite Pass Plus Rewards

  • 1 – Unlocks weekly Elite Missions
  • 2 – Squad Leader Set
  • 3 – Scarlet Horror – SCAR-L
  • 4 – Unlocks 100 paid rewards (via upgrading)
  • 5 – 25 Ranks (worth 2,500 UC)
  • 6 – Triumphant Victory
  • 7 – Deep Sea UAZ
  • 8 – Spawn Island Line Dance
  • 9 – Bloody Tide Helmet

We’ll update this guide once the PUBG Season 8 release date has occurred. For now, enjoy the tease at what’s to potentially come!