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Pokemon Go Charged Attack Changes | How to do a charge attack (July 2019)

There are Pokemon Go Charged Attack changes afoot. Niantic has teased that there will be a new way to perform charged moves in the near future. To find out how to do a charged attack from July 2019 onwards, you might want a bit of help. Luckily for you, our expert Trainers are on the case to provide some assistance. Have a look at our Pokemon Go Charged Attack changes guide for all of the information you will need.

What Pokemon Go Charged Attack changes are coming?

Pokemon Go Charged Attack Changes

There isn’t a massive overhaul of the Pokemon Go Charged Attack system, but Niantic has looked at how they currently operate and want to make it easier for Trainers to use.

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In a tweet posted on the Niantic Support account on Monday, July 15, the game’s developer revealed how one major change will work for Charged Attacks. The tweet shows footage of the new system in action too, just in case you want a visual representation of how they’ll work.

At the moment, Charged Attacks work by filling up a charging bar on the screen during battles. You have to use your normal attacks to charge this. Once the bar is full, you can press on your opponent’s Pokemon for a few seconds to unleash your critter’s special move.

However, Niantic is hoping that this change will make Charged Attacks easier to use. Once the next update goes live in the game, Charged Attacks will work by swiping across the screen instead. Just like Fruit Ninja, you’ll have to swipe across the screen as you follow a line of symbols to execute these attacks.

The video in the tweet above gives an idea of how this will work. Using Feraligatr’s Hydro-Pump move, for example, requires you to follow a snake-like Water-type symbol pattern across the screen. Complete the pattern, and your Pokemon will use its Charged Attack.

We’re not sure if each Charged Attack will its own unique pattern to follow, or if they’ll be based on what type of move it is. Hopefully, Niantic will explain more once the next patch is released.