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Rage 2 1.06 Update Patch Notes | New Game Plus, Ultra-Nightmare difficulty and more

A second major update is available for Rage 2 right now. Before the Rage 2 Rise of the Ghosts DLC releases in August, Rage 2 Update 2 will add three new gameplay modes to the Bethesda-published, post-apocalyptic shooter, including a Rage 2 new game plus mode. The Rage 2 1.06 update patch notes will also add a few quality of life improvements. Previously, Rage 2 Update 1 added replayable bandit camps, cheat codes, and voice packs to the game. We’ll cover what we know about Update 2’s changes below.

Rage 2 1.06 Update Patch Notes | New Modes

Rage 2 Update 2 new modes

Rage 2‘s second major update will add three new modes to the game, giving players more options for experiencing the game’s open world. As of the update’s announcement, little is known about these modes, but we will detail them as we find out more info.

Rage 2 New Game + Mode

Update 2 will introduce a new game plus mode to Rage 2. Little is known about the mode right now beyond the fact that it will exist, but players will likely be able to carry over abilities and other progression into the second playthrough. The original Rage never got a new game plus, so this will be a welcome addition to Rage 2‘s gameplay.

Rage 2 Ironman Mode

Once again, little is known about Ironman Mode besides its name. Judging by similarly-named challenges in other games, this will likely be a single-life/permadeath mode.

Rage 2 Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty Mode

Update 2 will add a new, highest-difficulty mode called Ultra-Nightmare. GameRevolution has recommended Rage 2’s harder difficulties in the past, so this mode should add some extra exciting challenge to the game.

Rage 2 1.06 Update Patch Notes| Quality of Life Improvements

Rage 2 Update 2 quality of life

Along with the new modes, Update 2 will add several quality of life improvements to the game. We only know of two of these additions so far, though more are sure to come.

Rage 2 Skippable Ark Tutorials

Some of Rage 2‘s Ark locations contain special abilities, each of which requires the player to complete a tutorial before returning to the open world. Update 2 will add the ability to skip these tutorials, allowing players to get back to the action if they’re already familiar with the Ark abilities. This seems like a natural addition for the update, given Update 2’s new game plus mode.

Rage 2 Flashlight

Update 2 will add a flashlight feature to the game, allowing players to see more clearly in dark areas. It’s not clear how this flashlight will be equipped, but perhaps it will be automatically added to the front of players’ weapons.

Rage 2 Update 2 will arrive on July 25. For more Rage 2, including additional tips and guides, head to GameRevolution’s Rage 2 hub.