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Fortbyte 38 Location | Accessible with the Vendetta Outfit at the northernmost Sky Platform

This is it folks, we’ve made it, the final Fortnite Fortbyte! Beginning way back in May, this event has had a new daily item released every day of Season 9. With only one more hidden item left to find, it is almost bittersweet to see the Fortbyte event come to an end. Alas, we must continue on and complete our collection. With that in mind, the final Fortbyte comes in the form of Fortbyte 38 and it is accessible with the Vendetta Outfit at the northernmost Sky Platform. Let’s take a look at the exact Fortbyte 38 location in Fortnite.

Fortbyte 38 Location| Where to find Fortbyte 38 in Fortnite

As the clue states, players are going to need to have the Vendetta Outfit unlocked in order to pick up Fortbyte 38. Unfortunately, there are probably a lot of players who don’t have the outfit unlocked, as you must reach Battle Pass Tier 100. If you haven’t made it that far, your best bet is to grind out some of the Weekly Challenges and see if you can earn enough XP in the last few weeks of Season 9.

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If you already have the Vendetta Outfit unlocked, then it’s time to head to the northernmost Sky Platform location. Fortunately, this won’t be hard to find as it is located just below Lazy Lagoon. In fact, you can see the exact location of the northernmost Sky Platform on the map below.

As you land at the Fortbyte 38 location, you’ll want to go to the room that is situated just under the big tower on top of the Sky Platform. In other words, you’ll want to head to the center-most room on the top level.

Fortbyte 38 Location

Once you get inside, you’ll find Fortbyte 38 waiting for you to pick it up! As long as you have the Vendetta Outfit on, you can add it to your collection and will have picked up the final Fortbyte in Season 9.