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Pokemon Go Search IV 100% | Filter 4 Star Pokemon

You might be curious to know that there’s a Pokemon Go Search IV 100% feature now in Niantic’s AR game. You can now filter four-star Pokemon in your database thanks to the newly installed Appraisal system. This lets you find your strongest Pokemon to use in Trainer Battles and Raids, so you’re going to want to know how to search for them. Read our Pokemon Go search IV 100% guide to get the lowdown on how to filter them out.

How do I use Pokemon Go Search IV 100% feature?

Pokemon Go Search IV 100%

Let’s start by taking a look at what the Pokemon Go search IV 100% feature is first. Niantic patched through an update that contained this new Appraisal system, which lets you find your strongest Pokemon for combat purposes. You can read all about it in our in-depth guide and then come back here.

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Are you back? Good, let’s crack on. Now that you know how the IV bar values and star ratings work, you can begin to search for your own four-star Pokemon. When you open up the game’s main menu, you can scroll across to your Pokemon database. This shows you all of the Pokemon you have caught in the game.

There’s a search bar at the top, which allows you to filter your Pokemon by name, Type, and anything else that you can think of. Now, with the introduction of this Appraisal system, you can search for your 100% rated Pokemon to locate your best critters.

To do so, simply type in “4*” into the search bar. After a couple of seconds, this will find which of your stored Pokemon are rated four-star. This means that they will have a 100% IV rating and are your strongest critters.

You will want to build your team around these best boys and girls if you want to become the very best in Trainer Battles and Raids. You can also filter zero, one, two, and three-star Pokemon using the same format above. You won’t want to do that if you have four-star Pokemon, though.