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How to catch Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Team Go Rocket has invaded Pokemon Go, and you can stop them by knowing how to catch Shadow Pokemon. These Pokemon are being hurt by these dastardly villains, and it’s up to you to save them and purify them of their dark aura. To find out how to get and save Shadow Pokemon, you’ve come to the right place. Read our how to catch Shadow Pokemon guide for the complete lowdown on what they are and how to rescue them.

How to catch Shadow Pokemon | Team Go Rocket

How to catch Shadow Pokemon

Before we dive into how to catch Shadow Pokemon, let’s explain what they are. Team Go Rocket has been turning Pokemon into these “evil” forms to help them raid PokeStops for items. This isn’t the first time that Shadow Pokemon have turned up in the gaming franchise, but you might not have heard of them before.

Basically, Team Go Rocket somehow cover these Pokemon in a dark aura. This makes them stronger, but the Pokemon struggle with this new power and it hurts them. Luckily, you can save Shadow Pokemon and keep them out of the clutches of Team Go Rocket.

How to catch Shadow Pokemon | Purifying dark aura

How to catch Shadow Pokemon

Right, onto how to catch Shadow Pokemon. You can battle Team Go Rocket grunts to stop them from attacking PokeStops and taking the items that other Trainers need. If you win, the grunts will flee. However, they leave their Shadow Pokemon behind.

You can pick up these abandoned Pokemon, and they’ll be added to your database. They’ll still harbor the dark aura though, which clouds them in purple smoke and gives them red eyes. You can remove this dark aura by purifying them. After you catch your first Shadow Pokemon, you can follow the in-game instructions to learn how to purify them.

Once this process is complete, the move they had known as a Team Go Rocket Pokemon (called Frustration) will be replaced by Return. You can catch as many Shadow Pokemon as you like, and stop Team Go Rocket from taking over the world.