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Splatoon 2 4.9.1 update patch notes

The Splatoon 2 4.9.1 update has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Having released almost two years ago, Nintendo has shown its ink-based shooter a lot of love, and today the game received its final update. Players will still be able to play Splatoon 2 after today’s update, but this is the last bit of content or support that Nintendo will be giving players. The 4.9.1 update mainly aims to prepare for the Final Splatfest, which kicks off today.

Splatoon 2 4.9.1 Update | What is the Final Splatfest

Splatoon 2 4.9.1 update

The only real noteworthy part of the latest Splatoon 2 update had to do with the Final Splatfest. This is an in-game event where players will choose a side—Chaos or Order—and will get ready to face the Splatocalypse. Nintendo is going all out for the Final Splatfest and will be making a couple of changes for the final hurrah.

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For starters, there will be an all new Shifty Station stage. While the Shifty Stations aren’t new to previous Splatfests, there will be a totally new one for the Final Showdown. However, the old Shifty Stations will also be playable. Nintendo is also promising fans some in-game gear that will be given out to remember this epic battle. However, it isn’t revealing what kind of memorabilia players will be getting.

The last thing to note is that after the Final Splatfest, Nintendo will be adding a special in-game mode known as Turf War. This will allow players to play on the 24 Shifty Station stages, including the one that appeared in the Final Splatfest, and hang on to memories of Splatfests with their friends.

If you want to take part in the Final Splatfest, it will be running from July 18-21. You will need access to Nintendo Switch Online to take part in it. However, if you’re a regular Splatoon 2 player then you likely already have a subscription. If you have never subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, then you will qualify for a free trial.

Splatoon 2 4.9.1 Update Complete Patch Notes

Below are the patch notes for the final Splatoon 2 update.

  • The data for the Final Splatfest has been updated.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player to appear in an unintended location after falling into water while performing a dodge roll with a Dualie weapon equipped.
  • Downloading the latest update will prevent matching with players at the Shoal that are using previous update data.