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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Co-Op | Local, online, number of players

The world needs more than one superhero to save it from The Black Order, so you’ll need to know if there’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 co-op support or not. The Nintendo Switch exclusive title certainly looks like it could support local or online multiplayer, but you might not be sure if it can. To find out the number of players who can game together, if at all, read our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 co-op guide.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Co-Op | Couch and online multiplayer

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Co-Op

If you were fearing the worst about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 co-op support, you can worry no more. The Team Ninja-developed game allows you to play co-op either locally or online with your friends or strangers.

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You read that right. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 supports couch co-op, which is becoming something of a rare game mode these days. There are developers who are keen to keep it going, though. Team Ninja’s and Nintendo’s decision to add this mode into the game is a welcome relief.

The game’s co-op game type has a drop-in, drop-out system, too. This means that you and your mates can play together, but if someone needs to leave, it doesn’t have to end the experience for the three remaining players. You can carry on through the campaign—if your departing friend doesn’t mind missing out, that is.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Co-Op | How many players?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Co-Op

With one major query out of the way, it’s time to answer the other. Namely, that’s how many players that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 co-op can support. Thankfully, up to four friends can play cooperatively. This can only be achieved via local or online co-op though, and not through a combination of the two.

Bear in mind that if you do want to play with friends online, you’ll all need a Nintendo Switch Online membership. You can’t play for free over the internet, so make sure each of you has a membership or someone will be left disappointed.