GTA5 Voice Actors | Who is the cast of Grand Theft Auto 5?

Even six years after its original 2013 release, Rockstar‘s Grand Theft Auto 5 is still making waves, recently nearing 110 million lifetime sales after already becoming the most successful entertainment product of all time. Besides the success of the game’s hugely popular GTA Online mode, GTA5 is notable for its central story, which follows memorable characters Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips as they team up for various heists in the city of Los Santos. Part of what makes these three so memorable is the GTA5 voice actors, who breathed life into these flawed protagonists. In this guide, we’ll cover the background of some of the major members of the Grand Theft Auto 5 voice cast.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | GTA5 Franklin Actor

gta 5 franklin voice actor

One of GTA5‘s three protagonists, Franklin Clinton plays what is closest to the “only sane man” role among Grand Theft Auto 5‘s cast of strange, satirical characters. Franklin is played by Shawn “Solo” Fonteno, an American actor and recording artist. Fonteno previously appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as the voice of a Grove Street Families gang member, and he reportedly played a character named Lee Harvey in the original Watch Dogs (though it’s not clear who this character actually is).

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | GTA5 Lamar Actor

Franklin’s friend Lamar Davis is one of GTA5‘s supporting characters, notable for his humorous dialogue. Lamar is played by Gerald “Slink” Johnson. Johnson has played roles in many TV series, according to IMDB, most notably playing the titular role in the series Black Jesus that aired from 2014 to 2019.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | GTA5 Michael Actor

gta 5 micheal voice actor

Michael De Santa, a self-proclaimed “washed-up jock” haunted by his past and his propensity for crime, is another of GTA5‘s protagonists. Michael is played by American actor Ned Luke. Before GTA5, Luke previously appeared in supporting roles in episodes of TV series such as NYPD Blue, General Hospital, and Law & Order, and he later appeared in an episode of Boardwalk Empire and three episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit according to IMDB.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | GTA5 Jimmy Actor

Michaell’s son Jimmy De Santa is a character that can be described as Jonah Hill in Superbad, but even more of a jerk. Jimmy is played by actor Danny Tamberelli, a former child actor who played Tommy in The Mighty Ducks, Little Pete Wrigley in The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and Arnold Perlstein in The Magic School Bus, according to IMDB.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | GTA5 Trevor Actor

gta 5 trevor voice actor

Trevor Philips is the last of GTA5‘s three protagonists, and perhaps the most interesting. The Canadian character has a deeply troubled past, which led to his criminal past and particularly violent tendencies. Trevor is played by Steven Ogg, perhaps the most widely-known of GTA5‘s main cast. While Ogg played a few small TV series roles before GTA5, the actor has seen most of his success in the years since the game launched.

Ogg played a supporting role in an episode of Person of Interest, Broad City, Better Caul Saul, and several other shows before landing a role in The Walking Dead TV series as Simon, villain Negan’s right-hand man. Following this role, Ogg also played Rebus in several episodes of Westworld and Flexon in several episodes of The Tick, and he’s due to play a character in the upcoming Snowpiercer TV series, according to IMDB.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | GTA5 Lester Actor

Lester Crest is one of the three protagonists’ main allies in the game, responsible for helping Michael, Franklin, and Trevor set up heists. Lester is played by Jay Klaitz, who reportedly provided additional voices for Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony and Red Dead Redemption and has played supporting roles in several TV series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Voice Cast | Other GTA5 Actors

Here’s a list of other notable GTA5 characters’ actors:

  • Amanda De Santa — Vicki Van Tassel
  • Aunt Denise — Janet Hubert
  • Bradley Snider — Ryan Woodle
  • Dave Norton — Julian Gamble
  • Devin Weston — Jonathan Walker
  • Harold “Stretch” Joseph — Hassan Iniko Johnson
  • Martin Madrazo — Alfredo Huereca
  • Molly Schultz — Elizabeth Mason
  • Simeon Yetarian — Demosthenes Chrysan
  • Solomon Richards — Joel Rooks
  • Steve Haines — Robert Bogue
  • Tracey De Santa — Michal Sinnott
  • Wade Hebert — Matthew Maher

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