PS Vita 3.71 Update Patch Notes

While it may come as something of a surprise, Sony has just rolled out a brand-new PlayStation Vita firmware update. In this guide, we’ll let you know all about the PS Vita 3.71 update. We’ll provide you with the full list of PS Vita 3.71 update patch notes and run you through everything the new firmware update brings with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though the new update brings with it any new notable features. Instead, it seems as though the PlayStation Vita 3.71 update adds some stability and fixes some security exploits on the handheld.

PS Vita 3.71 Update Patch Notes | Trinity exploit fixed

PS Vita 3.71 update

As we stated above, it appears that the latest PlayStation Vita firmware update (version 3.71) brings with it a fix for the recent Trinity jailbreak exploit. According to VG247, this would mean that any homebrewed or emulated content you have downloaded on your Vita will likely no longer work.

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The Trinity jailbreak was developed to work with the PS Vita firmware versions 3.69 and 3.70. It appears now, however, that it is simply incompatible with the 3.71 update. It seems that, according to this Reddit thread, that you won’t be able to connect to PSN without downloading the PS Vita 3.71 update. But yeah, it appears as though the main reason for this new firmware update for the PS Vita is to disable the Trinity jailbreak exploit thanks to new security systems at play in the console’s coding.

Alongside the new security measures brought in with the 3.71 update, the PS Vita’s latest firmware update will likely bring in some more system stability. Read on below for the full list of PS Vita 3.71 update patch notes.

PS Vita 3.71 Update Patch Notes

Unfortunately, Sony is yet to release an official list of patch notes via its PS Vita changelog page. We will update this post as and when it’s necessary.