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Wolfenstein Youngblood Dieselkraftswerk Location | How to get the Dieskelkraftswerk

The Dieselkraftwerk is one of three special weapons you find in Wolfenstein Youngblood you need to unlock certain doors and crates. Objects that can be opened with the Dieselkraftwerk have an icon that looks like a little exploding grenade, and you’ll find these scattered throughout Neu Paris. Unfortunately, you’ll go much of the game without actually knowing where the how to find the Dieselkraftwerk’s location.

Below we’ll show you how to get the Dieselkraftwerk in Wolfenstein Youngblood. We’ll also give some recommendations on the most important upgrades for the weapon.

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Where to find the Dieselkraftwerk in Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood Brother 2 approach

To get your hands on the Dieselkraftwerk, you need to go to Political Detention Area 4. It’s here you’ll find Brother 2 which is where you can find the gun. To locate Brother 2, set “Raid Mission: Brother 2” as your active objective. Then all you have to do is follow the waypoint.

When you get close to Brother 2, you’ll reach a heavily guarded gate. However, there’s a way to cheese the enemies here that makes this the easiest of the Brother towers to enter. When you approach, you should see a few soldiers of various types along with a Zerstorer II. I recommend you be at least level 20-25 before you try and take this gate on, but if you’re having trouble, or you want to push your luck at a lower level, pay attention to the ditch near the guard tower.

The ditch near the Brother 2 gate runs under the road, and if you look carefully, you’ll notice that the pipe it runs through is large enough for you to fit in. You can cheese the enemy by having one sister stay in the pipeline while the other one runs out and fights. Enemies usually won’t approach the pipe, so if a sister goes down, they can just crawl near the pipe and be revived. This works exceptionally well if you can get the Zerstorer stuck on the ledge above the pipe. Then you just have to keep shooting until everyone is gone.

When you get through the gate, head into Brother 2. You’ll need to make it through the garage and into a large hangar. There’s a high-level Zerstorer here along with a ton of foot soldiers. Fortunately, if you’ve put some levels into cloak ability, you can pretty quickly sneak around the left side of the room and then up the stairs. Just make sure to duck down and let your cloak recharge when needed.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Dieselkraftwerk location

Once you’re through the hangar, you’ll need to pass through another large room. Just keep following your waypoint for Raid Mission: Brother 2 and you’ll come to a door locked by a keypad. Once you make it inside, you’ll find the Dieselkraftwerk in a nearby weapon case.

The three injector upgrades change the way the Dieselkraftwerk works. They are:

  • Napalm Injector: Makes fire linger. Explosions leave a lingering puddle of burning napalm.
  • Multi-Injector: Enables the Dieselkraftwerk to fire multiple projectiles at once. Hold the fire button to begin queuing projectiles.
  • Thermobaric Injector: Injects the projectiles with acetylene, causing a bigger explosion.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Dieselkraftwerk Tutorial

Additionally, the three attachment upgrades also have a profound effect on the Dieselkraftwerk’s functionality:

  • Ricochet Attachment: Coats the projectiles with rubber, causing them to bounce.
  • Fragmentation Attachment: Injects the projectile with ball bearings, causing shrapnel to fly on each explosion.
  • Cluster Attachment: Injects the projectile with bomblets causing each explosion to spread explosive cluster munitions.

I use the Thermobaric Injector with the Cluster Attachment. You get one big initial explosion and then three smaller ones when the submunitions detonate. This makes the Dieselkraftwerk into a potent crowd control weapon and makes the relatively low ammo count stretch further.