Torchlight II Boss Guide

Act I

Name: General Grell

Boss Type: Minotaur

Properties: Sturmbeorn General, explosive and quake attacks

Name: Winter Widow

Boss Type: Spider

Properties: Acid spray, smash attack, hatches spiderlings

Name: Kidrik the Mauler

Boss Type: Human

Properties: Bandit leader, tosses flame flasks

Name: King Pogg

Boss Type: Stone monster

Properties: Mine foreman, ice wave attack, smash attack

Name: Grand Regent Eldrayn

Boss Type: Sorcerer

Properties: None

Act II

Name: Manticore

Boss Type: Demon

Properties: Ancient beast, wing buffet, ground slam

Name: Artificer

Boss Type: Snake

Properties: Ezrohir architect, claw grab, beam attack, seeking bolts, shock attacks

Name: Aruk

Boss Type: Beast

Properties: Leap attack, fire and ice axes, axe throw, enrages minions

Name: Manticore #2

Boss Type: Demon

Properties:Ancient beast, wing buffet, ground slam

Name: Ezrek Khan

Boss Type: Elemental

Properties: Casts powerful spells, teleportation

Name: Siege Guardian

Boss Type: Mechanical

Properties: Enslaved mana guardian, rocket attack, dash attack, magic attacks


Name: Boletus Rex

Boss Type: Plant

Properties: Spore burst, poison smash attack, marsh gas cloud

Name: Grizzled Alpha

Boss Type: Wolf

Properties: Slash flurry, consumes dead to heal, leap attack, leaps back

Name: Bloatfang

Boss Type: Insect

Properties: Rush attack, vomit attack, leap smash, boulder toss, consumes corpses

Name: Thiss

Boss Type: Dragon

Properties: Acid breath, bone cage, bone spikes, smash attacks

Name: War Titan

Boss Type: Mechanical

Properties: Ground smash, jet dash, rocket barrage, cannon blast

Act IV

Name: The Dark Alchemist

Boss Type: Human

Properties: Powerful alchemical magic, teleportation, crystal sentry, nether imp summon, stasis beam,


Name: Netherlord

Boss Type: Nether Demon

Properties: Shadow form, slash attacks, breath attacks, summons minions

Name: Netherlord Phase 2

Boss Type: Nether Demon

Properties: Slash attacks, dash attack, breath attacks, summons minions, boulder smash, flame attack,

nether magic

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