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Wolfenstein Youngblood Health and Armor | How to increase or upgrade each stat

When in the business of Nazi-killing, it’s vital to be in good shape and to be well-protected. In Wolfenstein Youngblood, that means making sure you’re entering each combat situation with high health and armor. In order to get Wolfenstein Youngblood max health and max armor levels, you’ll have to level up your character and unlock the relevant perks, increasing your stats as you go. Read this guide to learn how to upgrade your health and armor in Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Wolfenstein Youngblood | How to get max armor

Wolfenstein Youngblood Health and Armor | How to increase or upgrade them

In Wolfenstein Youngblood, armor is your first line of defense. In order to help keep yourself away from death, it’s advisable to improve your armor stat. To do this, you’ll need to reach certain levels and collect ability points (which are earned for completing certain quests and upon leveling up).

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Armor upgrades are located under the Muscle ability category of the Character upgrades tab. Each armor upgrade costs two ability points, but you won’t be able to simply save up a bunch of points and upgrade your armor all at once. While the first armor upgrade, which raises your max armor to 125, can be upgraded as soon as you start the game and collect two ability points, the second armor upgrade, which raises your maximum armor to 150, can’t be unlocked until you hit level 10. Similarly, the third and fourth armor upgrades, which raise your armor to 175 and 200, can’t be unlocked until level 20 and 30, respectively.

Luckily, even if you don’t have max armor, you can find armor pick-ups to replenish the pool you have. These can be around the battlefield when dropped by downed enemies and around Paris, hidden away in corners of the environment, so look for Nazi helmets and bulletproof vests around the world. You can also use the game’s pep signals to give your co-op partner an armor boost. The Metal Horns pep signal, one of the two you can choose when starting a new game, gives you and your sister an additional 25 armor. If you didn’t choose it at the beginning of the game, the Metal Horns pep signal costs 1,000 Silver Coins. The 25 armor boost can even be used to push your armor level above its current maximum if you already have full armor.

Speaking of which, the Cyborg 1980 pep signal gives you and your sister full armor, completely refilling it when you’re down. Use this in conjunction with Metal Horns for a quick armor boost in a pinch. The Cyborg 1980 pep signal costs 4,000 Silver Coins, but those who buy the game’s Deluxe Edition — which comes with the Wolfenstein Youngblood buddy pass and the Cyborg 1980 skins — receive it automatically. Additionally, the Fist Pump pep signal gives you and your sister an additional 15 health and 15 armor. The Fist Pump pep signal costs 1,500 Silver Coins.

Wolfenstein Youngblood | How to get max health

Wolfenstein Youngblood Health and Armor | How to increase or upgrade them

In addition to a good, armored defense, you’ll want to make sure you have as much health as can be. Plus, if you’d rather spend your ability points elsewhere, health is a cheaper upgrade option, so some players may want to focus their efforts here — though we recommend upgrading both health and armor as soon as you can, as the game can be pretty difficult at times.

Upgrading your health works similarly to upgrading armor. Health upgrades can be found in the Mind ability category of the Character upgrades tab. As mentioned above, these are cheaper than the armor upgrades, costing only one ability point each. As with the armor upgrades, the first, second, third, and fourth health upgrades increase your health levels to 125, 150, 175, and 200, respectively, and the second, third, and fourth upgrades can’t be accessed until you reach level 10, 20, and 30.

Like armor pick-ups, health pick-ups to replenish your current health pool can be found around the environment and on dead bodies. Health pick-ups in the environment most often come in the form of objects resembling first-aid kits or health packs, but many food objects (bread, sushi, etc.) can be picked up to replenish your health, as well. The Thumbs Up pep signal, selectable during character creation or purchasable for 1000 silver, gives you and your sister an additional 50 health, which can be added to an already full health pool. The Martial Arts pep signal, purchasable for 2500 Silver Coins, refills your and your sister’s health completely. As mentioned in the “How to get max armor” section of this guide, the Fist Pump pep signal, which can be bought for 1,500 Silver Coins, gives you and your sister an additional 15 health and 15 armor.

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