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Wolfenstein Youngblood Buddy Pass | How to play co-op on one copy

The latest game in the Wolfenstein series is out this week, and it’s a little bit different. Wolfenstein Youngblood is set a good 18 years after the events of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, in an alternate universe version of the 1980s where the Nazis are still active in Europe. Most importantly though, unlike the previous games, it’s actually a co-op shooter. But what happens if you want to play co-op with a friend but they don’t want to buy it? In that case, you can use the Wolfenstein Youngblood Buddy Pass. The Buddy Pass is a feature that publisher Bethesda and developer MachineGames have added to Wolfenstein Youngblood for exactly this type of scenario, so you can essentially have two people playing on one copy of the game. But what exactly is the Buddy Pass? How do you get it? How does it work? Can you only give it to one friend, or can you try with loads of buddies? We’ve got the answers below.

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What is the Wolfenstein Youngblood Buddy Pass?

The Buddy Pass for Wolfenstein Youngblood is a special feature available in certain versions of the game that allows more than one person to play on only one copy of the game. Basically only one person has to buy a particular copy of Wolfenstein Youngblood, and then they can invite any friend they want to come and play co-op with them. That other friend does not need to own a copy of the game, they can just download it after your invite and play with you at any time.

How do you get the Buddy Pass for Wolfenstein Youngblood?

Wolfenstein Youngblood Buddy Pass how

The big catch with the Buddy Pass is that it’s only available with a particular version of Wolfenstein Youngblood, and that version is not the basic edition of the game. If you get the basic edition you may get some extras if you pre-order, but otherwise you’ll merely get a copy of Youngblood to use by yourself. To get the Buddy Pass you’ll need to buy the slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition of the game. The good news is that the game isn’t a full $60 game, so even the Deluxe Edition will only be around $40.

How to invite your buddy to the game on just one copy

If you’ve got the Deluxe Edition and the Buddy Pass, actually giving it to someone else is fairly painless, although there will be a couple of things required. First, your friend will need a account that’s been linked to their online account for where you want to play it, such as a Steam account if you’re both playing on Steam. There’s also a download, although it’s smaller than the main game. To use the Buddy Pass, start Youngblood, add your friend’s Bethesda account to the game, start and host a game, and choose to use the Buddy Pass. You’ll get to select your friend from a list, then they’ll be able to download the trial version of the game, and once that’s done you can play.

How many times can the Buddy Pass be used?

The especially good news is that you can use the Buddy Pass as many times as you want. While only two people can play Youngblood at any one time, and one of those players has to be the one who actually owns the game, the second player can be anyone the Buddy Pass owner chooses, and it can be given to as many friends as they want. Of course, it’s not a full copy of the game, so it can only be used to play co-op with the Deluxe Edition owner.