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The Sims 4 doors disappeared | How to fix The Sims 4 script call failed error

Every time players download a new The Sims 4 update or patch, there’s a chance they’ll run into a The Sims 4 script call failed error. These script fail errors can break certain parts of the game. Some players may log into the game to find doors disappeared, broken Create a Sim thumbnails, or unplaceable objects. Players wondering why “The Sims 4 won’t let me place doors” may be surprised to find the answer is most likely not a problem with the game itself but with their installed community-created content. Read this guide to find out how to fix The Sims 4 script call failed error.

The Sims 4 | What is the script call failed error?

The Sims 4 Island Life What is the script call failed error

The Sims 4 script call error is the result of broken mods and custom content (CC) interfering with a new The Sims 4 update. Many The Sims 4 players experience script call failure after EA releases a new patch for the game, such as the recent The Sims 4: Island Living, since old mods and CCs players have installed aren’t yet updated to run with the official game update’s new code. In order to fix the script call failed error, you’ll have to make sure your mods are up to date, or remove them entirely.

The Sims 4 | How to prevent the script call failed error

The Sims 4 Island Life How to prevent the script call failed error

Fixing The Sims 4 script call failed error can be complicated and scary, so it’s wise to make sure you’re ready to prevent it from happening in the future. In order to do this, you can follow steps like the ones advised by veteran The Sims forums member luthienrising in this forum post (under “A Note for New Players”). Before you head there or continue reading this, though, make sure you read the note below.

Note: As the script call failed error is caused by mods, fixing and preventing it involves messing around with the game’s files to varying degrees. Do so at your own risk. GameRevolution is not responsible for any damage to your game, but this guide can be a helpful starting point for solving the issue. If you’re concerned about messing something up or need extra help — especially when unsure how to deal with a particular mod — look for advice in The Sims Forums, EA’s Answers HQ, The Sims‘ Reddit page, and The Sims 4-related Discord channels (like this one).

The Sims 4 | How to fix the script call failed error

The Sims 4 Island Life How to fix the script call failed error

There’s no one simple way to fix the script call failed error. The solution will depend on when you began experiencing the error, what and how many mods/CCs you have installed, and other circumstances. Carefully consider your options before you begin. We’ll go over a step-by-step process through some possible solutions below.

Note: Once again, follow these steps at your own risk. If you’re concerned or don’t know how to proceed, consider reaching out to other players in one of the forums or chat rooms mentioned above in the “Note” under “The Sims 4 | How to prevent the script call failed error.”

1. Back-up your saves

Create a copy of your saves and put them somewhere safe, like your Desktop. Ideally, you’ll have done this before the game updated, as discussed in luthienrising’s forum post (see above), but do it here, too, just in case. This will ensure that, if you screw something up, you can go back to where you started. We’d recommend doing the same thing for your Mods folder so that you can seek help from other Sims players and start the process over if you mess up.

2. Update your mods, if updates are available

If you’re lucky, your script call failed error can be solved simply by updating your mods and CCs. It could be a more complicated problem, but this is a good place to start.

Look for available updates

Go back to where you downloaded each mod and see if the creator has updated it. If they have, download the update. If they haven’t… Well, keep reading. For CCs, programs like Sims 4 Studio sometimes have batch fixes available — though, again, install external programs like these at your own risk.

If no updates are available, wait for them, or consider deleting

Keep checking back at the mod’s source for updates before continuing to play the game. If a mod isn’t being updated, consider deleting it. This won’t work if you simply disable mods in the game’s settings — you’ll have to remove the entire Mods folder from your game files.

Remove the Mods folder and place it somewhere else (such as your Desktop), delete localthumbnail.package from the game files (this sometimes causes problems), and repair the game (right-click on The Sims 4 icon in Origin and choose “Repair”). Finally, delete the broken mod from the Mods folder and replace the Mods folder into the game files.

3. Figure out which of your mods are broken

Sometimes, even mods that have been updated can still cause issues. If you’ve tried updating your mods and are still having trouble, you’ll have to do some digging to figure out which mods are causing problems. Here’s how to do that.

Check online to see what others have reported broken

Before you go through the trouble of figuring out which of your mods are causing problems, it’s a good idea to see if anyone has already done the work for you. The Sims forum user we mentioned before, luthienrising, has compiled lists during past updates of broken mods and mods confirmed to be working. Here’s one such list for the latest update, Island Living. Note that the fact that a mod isn’t found on lists like this does not mean it isn’t the problem mod. These lists are just a good starting point. (For the Island Living update, we found multiple forum and Reddit posts suggesting certain adult-content mods were causing problems, so if you have one of those installed, that could be it.)

If you see a mod reported broken and you have that mod, remove the mod (using the method described in step 2’s “If no updates are available” above) and see if your game is functioning. If there’s still a problem and you can’t find any other confirmed broken mods that match yours, you’ll have to do some legwork.

Divide and conquer

In order to hunt down the broken mod(s), you’ll need to remove select mods, test the game to see if it’s working, put some of those mods back in, test the game again, and continue this process until you’ve found which mod causes issues when added into the game. This “Finding Broken Mods/CC” guide details a process for doing this if you have mods that are conflicting with one another, but you can follow a similar method for finding mods that conflict with the game itself. Essentially, it’s a process of elimination.

4. If all else fails, delete your mods

If you’re just desperate to get back to the game, it might be best to simply remove your mods. To do so, follow the instructions in step 2’s “If no updates are available” above, but do not replace the Mods folder into the game files at the end of the process. Make sure not to skip the “Repair” step of that process. From here, if you’d like to install mods again, we’d recommend you do so one-by-one, testing the game between installations so that you can easily tell if a mod breaks the game.

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