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Heroes of the Storm Qhira Release Date | PTR, abilities, traits, and more

The Heroes of the Storm Qhira hero is only the second original character to be added into Blizzard’s MOBA. As such, figuring her out can be quite tricky with no previously game serving as reference. However, Blizzard has revealed quite a bit about Qhira. Here’s everything we know about the Qhira release date, gameplay, abilities, and more.

Heroes of the Storm Qhira | PTR release date and live server release date

The Heroes of the Storm Qhira Hhero is live right not on the game’s Public Test Realm. Interested players can simply switch to the PTR to give her a spin.

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As for going live in the game, Blizzard has confirmed that Qhira leaves the PTR on August 6. However, players can already purchase her even if she isn’t out yet as Blizzard allows players to purchase characters with real money in the PTR. As such, any characters purchased this way will automatically transfer over to the game once the character goes live.

Heroes of the Storm Qhira | Gameplay

Blizzard describes Qhira as a character who “excels at bursting down individual enemies before escaping with her Grappling Hook.” In practice, this means that she’s focused on taking down some of the more fragile heroes in the game. Her abilities reflect this, allowing her to isolate individual targets before escaping once the going gets rough. As part of this, she excels in Battlegrounds that encourage roaming around and ambushing unwary opponents.

Heroes of the Storm Qhira | Abilities

As mentioned above, Qhira’s abilities focus on dealing damage, lots of damage, to a targeted opponent. That said, that doesn’t mean she can’t hit multiple opponents. Rather, her attacks generally help her deal with any mobs or Hheroes who may be accompanying her target.

Qhira’s Carnage attack, activated by hitting Q, sends her chain sword out in the players desired direction. Any foes caught in the path of this attack will continuously take damage from it.

Blood Rage may be one of her most important abilities. This passive, activated by pressing W, causes nearby enemies to bleed, causing damage that can stack up to five times. What makes this important however is the fact that this also heals Qhira based on the number of enemies affected. Additional stacks on enemies also increase the amount of healing she gets.

The Revolving Sweep attack seems to be the attack Qhira players will use to isolate an enemy hero. Once activated, by pressing E, Qhira will attach her chain sword to the first enemy hero she hits, which stuns them. After this, Qhira will swing around her target, damaging any enemies caught in between. That’s not the end of it however,  while attached, she can reactivate it again to send her to her target’s location. This will knock them back, deal damage, and stun them once again.

As with every other Hhero, Qhira has two Heroics. The first, Unrelenting Strike, has her unleash her chain sword in a series of arcs around her, dealing damage. Once this is done, it also damages all nearby enemy heroes, before stunning them.

Her second Heroic is Final Strike. This has her strike the ground with her sword, which deals a good chunk of damage to every enemy in its path. Additionally, enemies with low health take extra damage.

Heroes of the Storm Qhira | Traits

Qhira’s trait is her Grappling Hook. This pull her quickly to wherever it hits. In addition to this however, the Grappling Hook can also be used offensively. If it hits an enemy hero, not only do they take damage from being hit, but Qhira also launches herself towards them, dealing more damage. Additionally, she can also use this while Revolving Sweep is active.