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Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 | Is it available to buy?

Many of you have been wondering if there’s a Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 drink that you can try. More specifically, there have been rumors that the limited-edition Starbucks drink will be making a comeback. If you want to know whether it’s available in North America, Europe, Australia, or other regions of the world, we’ve got you covered. Read our Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 guide to get the lowdown on whether it’s returning.

Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 | Limited time drink

Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019

Before we dive into whether there is a Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 edition, let’s explain what the drink actually is. After all, there will be some of you who won’t have seen or heard of it before.

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The special-edition drink was a blended beverage that was sold exclusively at Starbucks back in 2016. That was the same year that Pokemon Go was initially released, so it made sense that this tie-in drink would help to promote the game and vice-versa.

The drink itself sounded and looked nice too. It was comprised of a vanilla bean base, blended with raspberry syrup and freeze-dried blackberries, and topped off with whipped cream. It wasn’t particularly healthy but, hey, it tasted good and that’s all that mattered.

Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 | Is it coming back?

Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019

We hate to be the bearer of bads news but, no, there is no Pokemon Go Frappuccino 2019 drink for you to enjoy. The drink was discontinued by Starbucks not long after the game launched, and it hasn’t been available since.

The rumors of its return have stemmed from the fact that its image is still appearing at some PokeStops across the globe. You might have seen the Frappuccino image pop up at a random PokeStop, which has led to players wondering if it’s available to buy again.

Well, it isn’t unfortunately. You’ve missed your chance to try it out, and you’ll just have to ignore those images of it that you see around the place.