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FIFA 20 FUT Season Objectives | How to earn XP and Rewards

As we’re nearing the release date for FIFA 20, EA Sports has detailed various aspects of the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team additions and changes over FIFA 19. In this FIFA 20 FUT Season Objectives guide we’ll let you know about all the changes that have been made in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Objectives system. Below, you’ll find out about the new XP and Rewards system, along with all the brand-new kinds of Objectives you can tackle in FIFA 20. There are Daily Objectives, Weekly Objectives, Season Objectives, Dynamic Objectives, and more.

FIFA 20 FUT Season Objectives | How to earn Ultimate Team XP and Rewards

FIFA 20 FUT Season Objectives

Thanks to the official FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Pitch Notes, we now know plenty about what to expect in this year’s FUT offering. It appears as though the entire Objectives System has been re-worked, looking more akin to something like Fortnite’s challenges, complete with a new XP and Reward system.

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To go along with the new XP and Rewards, EA Sports has introduced FIFA 20 FUT Season Objectives. The first FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Season will begin on September 19 and will last until the end of October 2019. The brand-new Objectives Hub will be waiting for you on the Ultimate Team Central menu. In here, you will find the new Season Objectives. You’ll also be able to track your progress towards the brand-new Season Rewards and the following list of Objective types:

  • Daily Objectives | Simple Objectives to complete every day
  • Weekly Objectives | These Objectives will go live each week, but the previous list of Weekly Objectives will remain completable for a second week (apart from the final list of Weekly Objectives in any Season)
  • Season Objectives | More difficult Objectives that will last entire Seasons
  • Dynamic Objectives | Limited-time Objectives based on in-game campaigns or real-world events
  • Foundation Objectives | Basic Objectives to help teach you about Ultimate Team
  • Milestone Objectives | Long-term Objective groups, not tied to any Season

Completing any Objective will earn you XP. Earning XP will help you level up across each Season (Season one features 30 levels). As you level up throughout any Season, the challenges will become harder, but the Rewards will improve. You can check out what Rewards you can earn at each level during a Season in the Season Rewards screen. Rewards include new footballs, players, packs, club customization content, coin boosts, and more.

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