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No Man’s Sky Beyond Release Date | PC, PS4, and Xbox One

When is the No Man’s Sky Beyond release date? News of this brand-new update to Hello Games’ awesome space exploration game No Man’s Sky has fans waiting with baited breath for some new content to breathe fresh life into their experience. Now, it seems like we’re getting closer than ever to getting our hands on the new features and content that’s set to debut in Beyond.

Why all the hype? Well, the news post that announced No Man’s Sky Beyond talks about how each successive update to the game has been more and more successful. Before long, the developers came up with a vision of integrating a bunch of features together into one awesome package: No Man’s Sky Online. This will be a “radical new social and multiplayer experience” — perhaps we are finally getting the co-op multiplayer that we’ve been hoping for?

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The very idea of what Hello Games will do with such a multiplayer experience is absolutely tantalizing and fans have plenty reason to be excited. Unfortunately, the original announcement didn’t include the No Man’s Sky Beyond release date. That begs the question: when exactly can we get our hands on it?

No Man’s Sky Beyond Release Date | When is No Man’s Sky Beyond coming out?

No Man's Sky Beyond release date

The original blog post from March 15, 2019, gave us just a taste of what we can expect with this upcoming content patch. Unfortunately, it didn’t include a No Man’s Sky release date. It’s been nearly half a year since then and we’ve heard nary a peep about when we can expect this to come out. Thankfully, today the wait is over, with Hello Games confirming a target release date for this year.

The No Man’s Sky Beyond release date is August 14, 2019.

At the time of writing, that’s less than two weeks away!