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Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown | Twitch Prime Ultimate Team unlock

You might be interested to know that a Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown playable character is available exclusively for Ultimate Team. This legendary football star comes as a Twitch Prime reward for those who have an account. If you’d like to get your own Jim Brown, you’ll want to find out how to unlock him. You can also see if you can download him without having a Twitch Prime account, so read this Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown article for more details.

Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown | How to get Ultimate Team exclusive

Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown

In order to get your own copy of Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown, you’ll need to have a Twitch Prime account. For those of you who already have one, you can simply follow these steps and add him to your roster as soon as possible.

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First, you’ll need to link your EA and Twitch accounts. To do this, head to the Madden Twitch page, and click on “Madden Daily Drops.” Log in to Twitch if you haven’t, and then follow the on-screen instructions to link your two accounts.

You can then download Jim Brown to your game. Once he’s installed, open up Ultimate Team mode. If you’re new to this game type, you’ll have to complete the brief tutorial on the mode’s new user flow. Once you have and you’re at the home page, you should get a pop-up message that says you’ve received this content. If you don’t, head to the in-game store and select “Unopened Packs.” The pack will be there, so rip it open to get Jim Brown.

Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown | Can I unlock him without Twitch Prime?

Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown

Madden NFL 20 Jim Brown is exclusive to Twitch Prime and cannot be unlocked without it. You can sign up for a trial period, however, and be able to download him for Ultimate Team if you’re desperate to get him.

It’s possible that this could be a timed-exclusive, however, which means Jim Brown could be made available to everyone somewhere down the road. Don’t expect this to occur, though. As things stand now, if you want him, you’ll have to get a Twitch Prime account, even if it’s a trial one.