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Is the WWE 2K20 GM Mode confirmed?

It seems that there’s some confusion over the possible return of WWE 2K20 GM mode. Fans of the annual wrestling games have been requesting for General Manager mode to be brought back after years out in the cold. With 2K Games recently revealing when the game will be released, you’ll want to know if GM mode is returning to WWE 2K20. Find out the definitive answer to this by reading our “Is the WWE 2K20 GM Mode confirmed?” guide.

WWE 2K20 GM Mode | Is the fan-favorite mode back?

WWE 2K20 GM Mode

Before we let you know if WWE 2K20 GM mode is back for good, let’s elaborate on what it is for those who might not be aware of it.

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General Manager mode was a game type that was first introduced in WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2006. In this mode, players could take on the General Manager role for either wrestling franchise. After deciding what brand you want to manage, out of Smackdown or Raw, you could then start a new calendar year and begin bringing in whatever Superstars or Divas you wished.

You’d have to manage finances, book matches, stoke up rivalries between wrestlers, and more. At the end of each year, Vince McMahon would turn up and give an award to the best General Manager.

The mode went down a treat with fans of the franchise, but it hasn’t featured since WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2009. Players have held out hope that it will make its return one day, and many had hoped to see WWE 2K20 bring it back.

Unfortunately, there isn’t official confirmation of a WWE 2K20 GM mode ahead of the game’s release. The press release about the game’s release date announcement, editions, and other game modes didn’t include anything about General Manager mode returning.

A leak back in May suggested that it would be back for WWE 2K20. However, judging by 2K Games’ official reveal, it isn’t likely to be part of the game. If it was, they surely would have made more noise about it to hype the game up ahead of its October 22 release.