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DC Universe Online Membership | Is DCUO on Switch free or does it require a subscription?

DC Universe Online is the big online MMO that allows players to take on the roles of heroes or villains within the DC Comics universe. It’s been going since 2011 and has been ported to PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. Only the PS3 version has been shut down, and the rest are still going strong. Now DC Universe Online, or DCUO, is finally also out on Nintendo Switch. But do you need a DC Universe Online Membership to play it?

Many MMOs in the past have required paid monthly or annual subscriptions to access them, so you may be looking at the option for a Membership and wondering if that’s the name for the DC Universe Online subscription. Is that the case? Is DC Universe Online free to download and play on Nintendo Switch, and other platforms? What exactly is the DC Universe Online Membership, and what do you get with it? Let’s have a look.

Is DC Universe Online on Nintendo Switch free?

With all the talk of Membership, and even an Ultimate Edition of the game, is DC Universe Online actually free on Nintendo Switch and other platforms? We can confirm that yes, while there are purchases you can make in the game to expand the content, you can download, install and play DC Universe Online on your Switch completely for free. The same goes for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions too.

Does DC Universe Online need Switch Online?

None of the different versions of DC Universe Online require a particular service before you can access them. The PS4 version doesn’t need PS Plus for example, and you don’t need Xbox Live Gold to play the Xbox One version. Likewise, Nintendo Switch owners do not need to purchase or sign up for the Switch Online service. They just need to download the game directly from the Nintendo Store, and they’ll be able to go straight in with no payment required.

What is a DC Universe Online Membership?

While DC Universe Online can be played entirely for free, there is a lot of optional content in the game that has to be bought to gain access to. The DC Universe Online Membership is the easiest way to get hold of all this content, if you’re planning on playing the game over a long period of time. The DCUO Membership is an entirely optional monthly subscription, which is available on all platforms.

The DC Universe Online Membership gives access to all the content free-to-play users would otherwise have to purchase separately. The most important feature this includes are the special Episodes of DCUO, which are additional story content for the game, and even include missions where you play as classic DC heroes and villains. There are currently 34 Episodes in the game, with two more planned for later this year based on the recent Metal comic event. Episodes range from $4.99 or $9.99 separately to $19.99 or $39.99 for certain bundles, so if you’re planning on playing DCUO long-term, a $9.99 a month subscription may be worth it.

Other Membership perks include exclusive superpowers, weapons, costumes, and more. There’s no limit on the items or in-game cash you can earn, nor how many messages you can send. You’ll also get access to your own Lair or Hideout, and can form your own player league. You can check out all the other bonuses here.

Is the DC Universe Online Ultimate Edition available on Switch?

An alternative to getting a monthly membership on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 is to pick up the Ultimate Edition of DC Universe Online, which comes with a lot of the same perks for a one-off price. It includes various powers and weapons, Lair access, the Utility Belt, and Episodes 1-14 for around $79.99. However, it is not available on the Nintendo Switch version at the current time, so you’ll have to go with the Membership if you want the best price for all the content.