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Anthem Cataclysm start time | When does the season go live?

It’s fair to say that BioWare’s big new live game Anthem has had a rough few months. It came out in February to an extremely critical reaction, and since then BioWare has been working on the next big expansion to the game in the hope of bringing the game some glory. Cataclysm is the next season-long Act of Anthem, but what is the Anthem Cataclysm start time? Is it anytime soon, and if so, what do you need to play it? We’ve got the details below.

What is the Anthem Cataclysm start time?

Cataclysm was available on the Anthem test servers until recently, but when will the live start time be? If you’re looking forward to giving Anthem another try, we’ve got good news, since the time when the Anthem Cataclysm season starts is today. In fact, it should be live right now. We’ve got all the details on it in our patch notes rundown for Anthem update 1.30, which includes the big Cataclysm act update.

What do you need to do to play Anthem Cataclysm?

Now that Cataclysm is live in Anthem, you’ll probably want to get in and give it a go. How do you do that? First you’ll have to download the big 1.30 update, which is pretty sizeable—12GB on PS4, 12.15GB on Xbox One, and 15GB on PC. After that, head into the game, at which point you shouldn’t panic if everything seems the same. Instead of just going into the game world and looking for the new content, you’ll need to go to “Game Modes”, which is where you’ll find the option to select “Cataclysm”. Once you do, you’ll immediately find that the game world has changed, with a new map area featuring a blackened sky and howling winds. This is the Cataclysm. Do your best to survive.